We offer all web services for your new or already created website.  We offer domains, hosting and servers, storage, web design, email, and web security & SSL. Please click the link below to access our web services storefront.

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Need help on increasing your company’s sales with an effective marketing plan? Let us help. We can do your market analysis including size, segments, growth, competitors, customers, and buying behaviors. We can then assist you in developing good crisp marketing strategies and tactics to reach targeted market, segments, channels and customers. We offer web marketing tools, 4 color brochures, audio/video recording for radio, TV, and internet ads and much more.

We offer leadership training in organizational development, executive and team development coaching, career transition coaching for military to civilian professions, leadership seminars and webinars on many topics.

Educational Services
Leadership Training

We offer various types of trainings to meet the needs of any business or educational institute.  Among the many trainings we offer are management leadership, Education K-12 and higher learning, and many more. There are custom options available.


We offer a variety of educational courses both online and face to face that can meet the needs of your organization.  Each professional development course has been designed by working professionals who have obtained advanced degrees in their field of work.  Each participant will receive a certificate of completion. 


Custom professional development options are available.

We offer curriculum design, online course and training development.



Course Offerings: We offer an online platform to host your classes as well as create custom classes for your organization. We also have many courses that we can offer your organization.


JD consulting offers a wide range of services for small and corporate business to meet your every  need.  We have the education and experience to take your business to the next level. Please see the services below and see how JD Consulting can help you.  For services not listed please call us.

We offer many more services.  Please call us today at


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We offer all media services including video and audio production, character animation, ppt, Learning Management integration, and much more. Here is an example of what we could do for your company's marketing or other business needs.  All videos and audio production use top of the line industry standard equipment and computer software.  We guarentee you will love the result.

Media Services

F-SET Inventory

F-SET Inventory is a premier assessment tool used in the guidance and transformation consultation of women in various professions and career levels. The F-SET Inventory offers the individual an opportunity to measure their skillsets with a proven model of leadership and explore avenues and opportunities for development.

Organizational Health Gauge (OHG)

The OHG is a behavioral measurement tool that measures your organization in four key areas proven for effectiveness: Communication, Collaborative Decision-Making, Leadership Alignment, Environment/ Culture.  Get the 'pulse' of your organization, diagnose its behaviors, build action plans for change, re-assess and compare your results.


The OHG enables leaders to provide a baseline measurement for their organization and then develop change strategies for their organization that will move the needle for each category of effectiveness. Measure behaviors with precision granularity, instill accountability, create sustainable ROI, and relish in visible/tangible outcome based results!