Dr. Walker is a well decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps. Her smile and charming personality will reign in any small crowd. But it is her voice that captivates so many as they are astonished how she commands respect with her introspective soft-spoken tone. Speaking with her is a pleasant experience and before you know it you’ve learned something new. Dr. Walker is an expert in organizational psychology, and she is an advocate for diversity and change. She has a Ph.D. in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, a Masters Degree in Human Behavior and a Bachelors Degree in Communications. She has an extensive background in government and corporate industries as well as in academia as she has worked with: the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, Federal Aviation Administration, Synergy Learning Institute, Final Notice Investigative Services Group, University of New Mexico, and University of the Rockies. Dr Walker and her son Cayleb love exploring new places together every opportunity that they get. She enjoys the solitude of being under the sea scuba diving in exotic waters, and to say that she is a fan and loves the game of basketball is an understatement. 

Organizational Behavior

Assessment Tools

Created by Dr. Karen Walker Ph.D

Lt. Colonel USMCR

A  suite of behavioral management tools to assist  in the assessment and prediction of individual and organizational success/effectiveness.

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F-SET Inventory is a premier assessment tool used in the guidance and transformation consultation of women in various professions and career levels. The F-SET Inventory offers the individual an opportunity to measure their skillsets with a proven model of leadership and explore avenues and opportunities for development.

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Assessment Only

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Assessment & 1 hr. Consultation

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Assessment & 1 hr. Consultation with Ph. D.


The OHG is a behavioral measurement tool that measures your organization in four key areas proven for effectiveness: Communication, Collaborative Decision-Making, Leadership Alignment, Environment/ Culture.  Get the 'pulse' of your organization, diagnose its behaviors, build action plans for change, re-assess and compare your results.


The OHG enables leaders to provide a baseline measurement for their organization and then develop change strategies for their organization that will move the needle for each category of effectiveness. Measure behaviors with precision granularity, instill accountability, create sustainable ROI, and relish in visible/tangible outcome based results!  

Pricing for this assessment tool varies based on the organization's size and needs of analysis. Please call or email for custom quote.
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