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Dr. D. TV is a show created by Dr. Julie Ducharme where she gives her industry expertise to you and your business. Every episode is different and has practical tips to improve your business.Check out our free videos offering business tips and coaching. Subscribe to our channel to receive free resources and downloads to help increase your business effectiveness or if you are thinking of starting a business.

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Dr. D. TV.....Episode 1

This episode is the first of many. It's focus is on what you should consider when starting your business.

Dr. D. TV.....Episode 2

This episode is an interview with Dr. Ducharme and an entreprenuer who works in the holistic medicine industry and discusses the struggles and triumphs of using a technology for prevention of cancer rather than treatment. She shares about her battles with the medical industry.

Dr. D. TV.....Episode 3

Dr. Julie Ducharme discusses with entreprenuer Dr. Paul Greenberg about increasing human potential using neuroscience in education and business. Dr. Greenberg also discusses his innovative information mapping software and his consulting business.

Dr. D. TV.....Health and Nutrition

Dr. Ducharme discusses with entrepreneur Andrea Schneider about her business in the health and nutrition industry. Watch Andrea's story about her success with beating cancer and creating a business to help other people who are were or are in her position.