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8 Week Business Boot Camp

Are you struggling to get your business off the ground and going? Know your industry well but need guidance on the business side? This 8-week business boot camp can get you started down the road to having your own business up and running in just 8 weeks. Our 8-week business course hits on the main areas to get you and your business jump-started. We help you focus on the introduction to business, website, SEO, marketing/branding, finance, and coaching from top consultants in the field. Call today to register 619-206-6822.

Price: $2000.00



Week 1

  • How do I get a business license? How do you get a Fictitious name?

  • What type of business should you have and why? Sole proprietor, LLD Corp, non-profit?

  • How does my business structure affect me with taxes?

Week 2

  • How to create a business plan? Template provided.

Week 3

  • Website, domain names, SEO and how to get started with your new website or how to tune up your old website.

Week 4

  • How to create a marketing plan.

  • How to brand your business.

Week 5

  • How to create your social media accounts and link them.

  • How to create social media post for your business.

Week 6

  • How to market out your social media post to social media platforms.

  • Tactics to maximize exposure of your business on social media.

Week 7

  • How to create a financial plan and budget for your business.

  • Template provided.    

·         Includes

4 Individual 1 hr. coaching sessions once the class is complete.

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