One-on-one business coaching

Have a great business idea but no clue how to move it from idea to business to making money? Dr. Julie Ducharme can help you move your idea to a successful business making money. Many people have great ideas, but stats show small business either never get off the ground of fail within in the first 5 years. Many who want to start a business just don’t know the secret to success, but that is where Dr. Julie Ducharme comes in. Owner and founder of 3 companies that have been running successfully for 17 years. She has consulted for 15 years helping business get started, and thrive as well as bringing businesses back from the brink of closing. She knows the in’s and out’s of business. If you are just starting a business or maybe your business is floundering and in need of a tune up to get you back on track, then you want to work with Dr. Julie Ducharme. To get your free one-hour consult call 619-206-6822

In your one-on-one coaching session, you can pick from one of the following packages, or we can create a custom package to meet your needs.​


Health check





Includes 2 x 1-hour sessions, and the creation of a business assessment and action plan.

Perfect for ANY BUSINESS OWNER who...
  • Know they need help but aren't sure where to start.

  • Have a limited budget or wish to engage on a task-specific basis

  • Feel confident in implementing business changes but want an objective perspective on their business issues & opportunities for improvement or growth.

Sales and Marketing Strategic Plan


From 500.00



Includes 3 x 1-hour sessions, and the creation of a full strategic plan.


Perfect for ANY BUSINESS OWNER that...

Wants to focus specifically on improving their sales and marketing approach, that may already have a business plan or not require one!

We will cover...
  • In detail, various sales and marketing strategies including brand strategy, social media, strategic collaborations, direct sales, email marketing and more.





per session



Includes (1) one-on-one coaching session (60 min)

Perfect for ANYONE who...
  • May need a 'top-up' after their initial package or want some additional sessions to assist in accountability

  • Clients that want regular coaching to discuss general business strategies, goals or ideas

  • Aspiring business owners who want an objective perspective and some tips on how to get their business off the ground.