Silver Package

Publish your Book in less than 60 Days

Gold Package
  • Obtaining copyright for your book.

  • Obtaining an ISBN or multiple ISBNs

  • Uploading manuscript to Createspace, Lightening Source, or the platform of choosing 

  • Creation of  Amazon Author page 

  • Creation of an author/book website landing page with shopping cart integration


Includes everything in Silver Package!


Also includes:

Marketing package:


  • Set up social media marketing blast

  • Set up landing page 

  • Set up book signings (if not local San Diego then can email and set up logistics for your event. May not attend unless travel expenses are paid) 

  • Video promotion for all outlets 

  • Press release 

Book Publishing and Author Packages

Everything you need to know to go from rough manuscript to published book.


This webinar class will take you from beginning to end on how to publish your book. Most people want to publish some type of book but find the process overwhelming and as well tough to figure out with lots of closed doors.  But even if you have never published a book you can work through these classes and will be able to create a professional book that you can publish. Avoid the long road of errors and lots of wasted money. more about this item. What's it about and what makes it interesting? Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. To make this item your own click here > Add & Manage Items.

Course Objectives

What platform works best for publishing your book?

How to publish on the electronic platforms of Kindle, Nook, or as a physical book that can be bought

How to create and prepare your manuscript and find an editor.

Where to find excellent graphics for your cover

How to market your book and launch it.

Class format

This class will have 4 live webinars. We will record these sessions so if you can’t make the specific time it is running you can watch it later.  You will have access to the recordings for at least 6 months after the class has ended


The instructor will also offer a connect time where you can show any current work you have and work with the professor to ask questions and have them review your work to get feedback from them as well as your class mates.

Webinar 1: Types of Platforms

With the amazing internet there is many venues on how to publish your work. This is where many authors get stuck what platform should I go with and what works best for me.  We will discuss the variety of platforms and the pros and cons of how they will work for you.  Some of the many platforms we will discuss is Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing and Createspace, Barnes and Noble, Nook, and more.


We will be focusing on ISBN’s e-book versus print and more.

Webinar 2: Prepping your Manuscript

Often many new authors do not understand writing a manuscript is much different then just typing a paper in Microsoft word. We will review the steps needed to create your manuscript in a way to get it ready for the process of design. We will review how you can editor on your own but how to find an editor which is highly recommended. We will also talk about budgets and strategies to get your book edited.

Webinar 3: Creating Book Cover and Interior

We will looks at what types of programs and tools you can use design and create your books. Some of these software services are Scriver, Vellum InDesign and even word.


We will review how to find quality graphics to design a great cover and we will also direct you to some great designers as well to help you get a great design.

Webinar 4: Marketing your Book

How do you get your book out there? We will cover Social networking, and book signings and how to get you book on the front shelf. We will talk about reader reviews and how they really help you book out. We will also talk about marketing best practices for your book.

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Four-part live webinar series.

Taught by:

Dr. Julie Ducharme and Joshua Ducharme M. Ed

Cost: $399.00